Why use Plexiglass to defend against COVID-19?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still active across the globe, signs that social distancing and barriers have been working are emerging. The virus’s infection rates have plummeted in the past few weeks, resulting in many businesses getting the itch to reopen.

Regardless of the numbers, many people are hesitant to get back to dine-in restaurants, banks, and even doctor’s offices. Insert plexiglass shields; the newest tool in fighting the pandemic while reopening the world. Hundreds upon thousands of stores and factories are turning to the acrylic sheets to prevent the transmission of any possible illness and protect both their employees and customers. 

These barriers protect from sneezes and coughing, the way that most illnesses are spread — especially in the situation of COVID-19. Plexiglass barriers alongside handwashing, social distancing, and sanitizing the environment is an effective way to combat the virus. Not only is this method effective, but also cost-efficient. Everyone is watching their bottom line after being shut down for months.

Even lawmakers are turning to the material to help keep legislation on track and lawmakers healthy. ABC News reported that in Greece, the speaker’s podium is now surrounded in plexiglass that is wiped down with disinfectant between each speaker

Again in Greece, local residents are gearing up to open for post COVID-19 summer tourism by creating plexiglas barriers on the beach that house single or double beach chairs. Of course, alongside staff that is armed with disinfectants and masks. (Not exactly what we think of when talking about a sea-side getaway, but it works!)

Here at Gateway, with tradeshows being postponed, we’ve been preparing to help the community in our own special way. We’ve begun offering Power Plex Protective plexiglass barriers for use in restaurants, grocery stores, hospitality environments, and financial institutions (to name a few!) We’ve done standard and custom barrier fabrications for many clients (check out the photo gallery to the right!) Additionally, we’ve included optional transaction windows for use in commerce situations. 

Within the plex realm, movable plexiglass frames have become a necessity that we’ve answered the call for, too. Our GoGuard Movable Plexiglass frames are the perfect companion for those who want to be able to readjust to demands as necessary while still maintaining the integrity of their sanitized environment.

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