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A trade show is a place to not only show off the fruits of your labors but to connect with potential prospects. Lead generation doesn’t need to be limited to social media or business cards. With our innovative service offering through LeadConnect, leads are instantaneous, efficient, and easy for all parties involved.

Trade Show Lead Capture

The trade show is going great. People are lining up at your booth, and you’ve met many potential clients who seem impressed. Yet you’ve been spending the entire event giving out and collecting business cards. It isn’t efficient in guaranteeing leads, but it’s all you’ve got.

With LeadConnect, this system becomes a thing of the past. Using the QR code on a badge, you can scan in a client and instantly sync their data to your CRM or marketing automation system. LeadConnect is used through an app, so no matter the size of an event, you can use it on a touchscreen, tablet, smartphone, or PC. Now your prospects have a way to immediately commit to your business in a capacity that goes beyond a simple contact information exchange.

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Lead Retrieval

Connect with your clients faster and easier than ever with LeadConnect. Our system offers you a seamless digital experience that not only keeps you up to date on all of your new prospects’ important data but also allows guests to send themselves relevant materials whenever they need them.

Because your leads are uploaded straight to your CRM, you immediately begin building a relationship with them. Along with private client notes and custom qualifying surveys, you’re able to optimize your time spent at the trade show. LeadConnect provides real-time lead access with reporting and metrics based on client connections you’ve established. Our system can be customized to fit the style and personality of your brand. LeadConnect also seamlessly integrates with multiple CRM systems so your leads are never lost in the shuffle.

Key Features

  • CRM Integration

  • Hardware Options

  • Reporting Metrics

  • Custom Branding Experience

  • Instant Content Delivery

  • Qualifying Surveys

Lead Retrieval Solutions

Gateway offers you a chance to gain lead information through our simple, effective lead retrieval technology solution. If you’ve ever struggled with trying to figure out how to capture leads at trade shows, we have what you need. You’ll no longer have to worry about business card scanning or waiting long hours after your trade show exhibit has closed to see if any of the prospects you spoke with actually follow through.

With LeadConnect, your lead collection is done with a quick QR scan, and it’s immediately integrated into your CRM system. Guarantee lead generation and see greater returns than ever before with the help of Gateway and our innovative lead capture solution. Contact us today if you’re interested in enhancing your lead generation and making your next trade show one to remember. Impress the crowd and see new leads immediately with LeadConnect.

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When you want to connect immediately with a prospective client during a trade show, LeadConnect is the solution. We have the resources you need to succeed.

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