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Setting up a trade show takes a lot of effort and planning to get everything ready when and where it’s needed. Moving the assets that will make up the show can be a headache, but when you rely on Gateway, your worries disappear. Material movement, fleet logistics, and freight carriers are all among our areas of specialty.

Trade Show Logistics

Whether you need materials shipped across town or from one end of the country to the other, Gateway has the logistics services that are necessary to always see on-time shipments. Logistics companies smooth out the transfer of materials, but we take it a step further. With our own in-house fleet, we can supply you with the assets you need exactly when you need them. If your event is time sensitive, we speed up the process so nothing falls behind.

Need a trade show booth with your shipment? We can add it on and have it delivered well before the show begins. Worried that a trade show display is lost? We have accurate, real-time tracking to ensure you always know where your assets are. When you need a trade show booth shipping service that understands your worries and has the expertise of over 400 events a year under their belt, you need Gateway.

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Trade Show Freight Services

A fleet of 16 trucks handles over 400 events each year. It sounds like a large number, but you could add to it. Gateway offers more than trade show logistics; we provide freight logistics as well. Even if you aren’t in the United States, we can reach you. No matter where your event is, we aren’t far away.

Time is of the essence when it comes to setting up and dismantling a trade show, and Gateway specializes in every facet of the trade show industry. Not many trucking companies can boast worldwide shipping, on-time delivery, and full logistical support. For the booth and materials, assets, and more, Gateway offers you the opportunity to take your next event—and every event that follows—to the next level. Steal the show floor and make the trade show memorable with our expert services.

Experienced Trade Show Services

When you partner with Gateway, you’re partnering with commitment, dedication, and timeliness. We help you shoulder the burdens that come with setting up a trade show and simplify them. Your budget is important, so we provide services that are cost conscious while still retaining the value and experience you expect.

When you need trade show logistics, installation and dismantling, and more, Gateway is your best solution. We stick with you from start to finish to make your next event stand out in your industry. Contact Gateway if you’re interested in starting your journey to success today.

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When you need the supplies for your trade show on time, anywhere in the world, call Gateway. We have everything necessary for a successful trade show.

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