Exhibit Storage

Keep Your Materials Safe and Secure

You’ve wrapped up your trade show and need to store your exhibit until the next show occurs. You don’t have enough room in your facility to store everything, but that’s fine. Gateway has all the booth storage solutions you need so you never have to worry about keeping track of your trade show materials and assets.

Trade Show Exhibit Storage

Trade show booth storage requires an experienced hand to ensure everything is stored properly. Gateway offers a climate-controlled, centrally located warehouse in St. Louis, MO, as our primary storehouse solution. With more than 50,000 square feet of storage and staging room, your exhibits have never been in safer hands.

We keep track of your inventory, assemble and inspect the displays and materials, and focus on saving you money over time. Our cost-effective, fixed-rate Compass Partnership Storage & Handling pricing gives you the cost outlook right from the beginning so you aren’t hit with surprise invoices if your assets need to be moved or repaired. We believe that transparency is important to a high-quality partnership, so our top concern is keeping you up to date on the state of your materials—if they’re being moved, need repairs, or anything else.

More About Our Advantages

Rely on Gateway to keep your materials safe and store them properly.

Trade Show Storage Solutions

Managing your inventory is as easy as storing it when you rely on Gateway. Our online asset management tools allow for complete transparency and control of your products. The graphics for a display, the physical structure of a booth, the printed marketing materials…nothing is too big or too small for our system.

This system ensures that nothing is lost when we move your materials to the next trade show or back to the warehouse. Every piece is accounted for and constantly tracked while you have full access to its status and location. Considering your trade show display is located in a climate-controlled warehouse as well, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your trade show materials.

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Your Trade Show Storage Facility

Gateway provides you with trade show solutions that expand beyond our storage services. We offer the marketing assistance and brand growth you need to see greater success at your next trade show. Storing the materials is only a small portion of the entire trade show experience. From exhibit installation and dismantling to marketing collateral creation and trade show consulting, Gateway ensures your next visit to a trade show is a memorable experience for you and anybody passing by your booth.

Stand out from the competition in your industry and steal the show with the help of a trade show professional. When you want to start taking your trade show visits to the next level, contact Gateway.

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