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Audio and Visual Rental Services

A trade show booth should provide more than a place to stand while people talk about your business. It should be exciting and engaging in equal measure while still retaining the professional edge you’re looking for. Gateway offers audio/visual equipment rental services to help you take your booth to the next level.

Display Equipment Rental

When you begin your hunt for the perfect trade show exhibit setup, you’re thinking about furniture, branding displays, and atmosphere. One of the biggest components of an engaging atmosphere is a display. A set display could be anything from a cardboard stand to an extension of the booth that provides extra information to anybody passing by.

Gateway offers display rentals that are customized to fit the design of your exhibit while still retaining the eye-catching appeal you want. A trade show display engages the senses and asks questions that people will need to seek you out to answer. Whether you’re attending a corporate event or a local trade show, there is always a place for an effective display.

Trade Show Experts

When you need a trade show expert that knows how to market and present your company professionally, contact Gateway.

Visual Equipment Rental

When you aim to create an engaging atmosphere at your booth, having the right visuals gives you a competitive edge. This can be graphics, slide shows, or any other visual elements or equipment you need to get your message across.

There are plenty of visual elements to choose from when you partner with Gateway. We ensure your booth has a vibrant allure that draws in every passerby. You could make use of a video wall to show some of your most important graphics or use video equipment to create a slideshow of the services you offer. The possibilities are endless when you work with Gateway.

Audio Equipment Rental

Visuals engage the eyes, and audio engages the ears. For a full sensory-engaging exhibit, you need audio to fully round out the experience. When you create a slideshow, narration helps to explain the visuals. When you want to create a calming environment, having the right music sets the tone for the rest of the trade show event. Whatever the case may be, audio is essential to help you set the tone of your booth for the rest of the trade show.

Gateway offers custom rentals for sound systems or visual elements of your exhibit so you can draw in a larger crowd. Our audio rentals are customized to fit the needs of your booth and the feel your company wants to convey.

If you’re interested in testing the waters at your next trade show visit or want to experiment with a new booth, Gateway offers an extensive creative catalog of rental items to enhance your trade show appearance. From furniture to booths and beyond, Gateway has everything you need to attend your next trade show with style and elegance. Draw in new leads and take the event by storm when you partner with Gateway.

Create the Environment You Want to See.

 A high-quality display creates a professional atmosphere and includes set pieces, slideshows, and more. Gateway has the audio visual components you need.

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