Modular Exhibits

Simple, Elegant, Customizable

A display shows off your services and solutions with a vibrant look and feel that are unique to your brand. Your booth is as big or small as you want it to be, and it’s up to you how it’s set up and with what materials. If you want to maximize customization, modular exhibits are the perfect answer. These booths give you the creative freedom that larger islands can’t provide.

Modular Displays

A high-quality booth that enhances the look and feel of your brand is difficult to create. It requires specialized designs and effort to be effective. These booths run as large or small as your business needs them, but each requires its own preparation and planning.

A larger booth will need more elements and setup/teardown time than its smaller components but has more space to pack in essential materials. A trade show exhibit that shows off your unique flair could be any size, but when you choose a modular display, the size is as customizable as the elements of the booth itself. Modular display systems are designed to give you complete control over the layout of your exhibit without ruining the flow of the booth.

Trade Show Experts

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Modular Trade Show Booths

A modular trade show display offers a cost-effective solution for your exhibit design that gives you a customizable solution to fully showcase your branding style. Gateway helps you create a custom exhibit that is easy to set up and take apart thanks to the multiple moving parts that make up the display. The displays’ simplistic design means they’re also environmentally friendly. They take up less space than standard displays and have pre-assembled modules that can be organized in any way you want.

The cost of a modular system is based on how many modular components you’re using in your booth, so you dictate the price. Gateway offers custom modular displays that are tailored to the look and feel of your brand. We help you draft a plan for how these modules can be set up to have the most significant visual impact. Another exciting feature is the different variations the booth can take if you want to mix up the look on each day of the trade show. Expand your trade show horizons with Gateway.

Multiple Moving Parts

You want to take the trade show by storm, and Gateway can make it happen. We supply you with every element that could have an impact on your trade show appearance, from logistics to marketing, and more. Steal the show and generate more leads than ever before with the help of Gateway, your professional trade show partner.

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