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Exhibitions and Designs

Steal The Trade Show Spotlight Through Gateway

All eyes will be on your stage when you work with Gateway to create an impressive trade show booth design.

Trade Show Exhibit Design

Creating the right exhibit requires an expert’s touch to get the right look and feel. Gateway prides itself as the value-adding partner your company needs to see high-quality results that don’t break the bank. When you attend a trade show, you’re there not only to stand out but to market yourself as an industry leader. This means you need a customized exhibit that conveys your energy, dedication, and specific branding to the broadest audience.

Our services range from pop-up displays to corporate exhibits, each with its own unique look that will draw the attention of anyone on the trade show floor. Our design team ensures that your booth is customized to your exact specifications while still keeping a unique look and feel that goes beyond the usual corporate fanfare. Gateway opens the door to unlimited trade show possibilities to take your marketing potential to the next level.

Gateway offers a wide selection of exhibits for you to choose from.

Unit 4 modular booths white and green
omnigo booth with led lit podium and large scale logo used as a wall

Trade Show Experts

When you need a trade show expert that knows how to market and present your company professionally, contact Gateway today.

Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

No matter what your brand is or how you market yourself, there is always room for improvement. A trade show is a perfect place to flex your brand and draw in a wider crowd. With the help of Gateway to guide you, you could make your next trade show visit memorable. Take the stage and dominate the event with trade show solutions by Gateway.

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