Trade Show Internet

Helpful Wi-Fi Hospitality

When you attend a trade show, worrying about having a consistent internet connection shouldn’t be a concern for you or your clients. Hosting your own internet is an expensive undertaking, but having internet with your booth can give your booth a boost in popularity. Gateway offers trade show internet options so you and your clients are always dialed in.

Temporary Internet For Events

Having temporary internet service saves you time and money. When you go to a trade show, there isn’t always a guarantee that there will be internet provided by the event or that the internet will be stable. Bringing your own source or hosting it yourself can be costly considering the scale of the event you’re attending.

A variety of inconveniences could occur, from poor connectivity because of the number of people on the Wi-Fi to short connection range or dead zones. The number of issues may be endless, but the solution is simple. Gateway offers trade show internet that is hosted straight from your booth so you and anyone visiting your exhibit will have a stable connection to conduct business on.

Tired of paying thousands for internet offered through the show? Gateway provides a variety of solutions for your trade show Internet needs. Exhibit with the confidence that you can stream content fast from any computer, tablet or smartphone during your event. Get the support you need and the price you deserve with Gateway. It doesn’t get any better than this!

    We offer Internet at a lower cost than almost all trade show providers.
    We offer pre-show configuration and technical support is available 24/7.
  • FAST
    Stream content fast on any device at your event with our 4G solutions.

*Based on the network available and internet/data speeds provided. Internet prices subject to change.

Hotspot Internet Bundle

Starting at $150

• Standard email and web usage

• Up to 5-12 Mbps download*

• Connect up to 10 devices

• Technical support available 24/7

• Pre-show configuration

• Dual-band Capable

Internet Network Bundle

Starting at $785

• Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections

• Up to 120 Mbps download*

• Connect up to 15 devices

• Technical support available 24/7

• Pre-show configuration and administration*

• Dual-band capable

Trade Show Experts

When you need a trade show expert that knows how to market and present your company professionally, contact Gateway today.

Event Wi-Fi

A convention center is a big place that houses many different companies during a trade show. The event may not be going on for weeks at a time, but it will typically last a few days. This means you need a short-term solution to connect with prospects that doesn’t require you to rely on Wi-Fi hotspots or potentially unstable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Internet Solutions

Gateway provides a variety of solutions for your trade show Internet needs. Exhibit with the confidence you can stream from any computer, tablet or smartphone during your event.

  • Lead capture
  • Web browsing
  • Virtual reality
  • Digital collateral
  • Social media marketing

A spot for guaranteed bandwidth will not only draw in more leads but will also make for smoother lead generation and data transfer over the course of the event. Temporary Wi-Fi through Gateway gives you the option to make your booth its own hotspot so you don’t have to rely on anyone but us.

Event Wi-Fi doesn’t always have what you’re looking for and can be unreliable given the number of people trying to connect to it over the course of the event. Be the solution your clients are looking for right out of the gate with Gateway’s trade show internet solutions.

Got questions? We have answers.

Will you service work with a PC or MAC?

Yes, our 4G Internet Kit works with both PCs and MACs. It also works with Apple iPads, WiFi-enabled smart phones, and many other devices.

Is there any programming required?

No. The 4G Internet Kit we supply is pre-configured for you. Simply follow the three steps shown on our Quick Start Guide to set up a wired or wireless connection.

What does your Trade Show Internet offer?

We provide our own dedicated bandwidth, enterprise-class network equipment, and 24/7 network management. We guarantee your attendees will receive a flawless Internet experience.

How do I know your service will work inside venue?

Connection speeds vary depending on many different factors. We keep a proprietary and detailed Approved Venues List of hotels, convention centers, and other venues where our Internet Kits have been used.

Enhance Your Trade Show Experience

Preparing for a trade show means you’re dealing with more than event internet. Gateway offers multiple services and solutions to streamline your next trade show, from exhibit creative and design services to a wide selection of exhibits to choose from. Simplify your next trade show setup with a high-quality, professional solution that ensures your success.

Gateway is your path to a better trade show experience. Contact us today if you’re interested in getting a headstart on planning your next event appearance.

Get Stronger Connections.

Staying connected is an important factor for any trade show, and having reliable internet is vital to your success. Gateway can ensure you have event Wi-Fi.

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