Show Forms

Vital Paperwork, Simplified Solutions

Every trade show has paperwork that needs to be filled out. Show forms are documents provided by the show decorator or general contractor that are required to order services for the show. If there’s anything you’ll need, from catering to carpets, they need to be filled out in a form first. Gateway keeps this process as simple as possible so you can focus on the trade show.

Trade Show Request Form

Every trade show is packed with competing businesses in the same industry, all trying to be the most attractive option for prospects wandering the venue. Setting up your booth is one of the most critical aspects of preparing for the show, but it isn’t as easy as bringing everything you need and setting it up on the spot. You have to get permission from the trade show organizers, designers, contractors, or whoever else is in charge to make changes or requests for new content and materials for your display.

This isn’t like handing out business cards either; these forms can be long and confusing for newcomers and veterans alike. Think of a show form as a parent permission slip for their child to receive extra help at school. It isn’t as simple as filling out a signature and submitting, though; it requires trade show knowledge and a block of time you could be spending elsewhere. This is where Gateway comes in.

Trade Show Experts

When you need a trade show expert that knows how to market and present your company professionally, contact Gateway.

Work Order Forms

Gateway will handle the show forms for you so you can spend time planning and preparing for your time on the floor. Gateway has seen every type of form template and service order in the industry, so we’re experts on filling out the forms you need to get the services you require. This saves you valuable time to focus on things like generating qualified leads and collecting information on prospects.

Show forms also encompass lead-capturing forms, so your lead data and customer information are safe and secure. We’ll help you with submitting order request forms, filling out the forms promptly, and coordinating to receive the services your booth will need for the duration of the trade show. You can capture leads and collect contacts with ease when you rely on the services of Gateway.

tradeshow booth for IEA navy and green with light fixtures

Trade Show Lead Forms and More

Gateway provides show form services for any service you may need during your appearance at a trade show, including:

  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Forms and Certificates of Insurance (these are filled out so that Gateway can perform an install/dismantle of our clients’ booth.)
  • Material Handling Agreements
  • Booth Cleaning Forms – Vacuuming, Mopping, and Porter Service
  • Catering Forms
  • Electrical Orders, Layouts, and Labor
  • Flooring Orders – Carpet, Padding, Flex Flooring
  • Furniture Orders
  • Internet Orders – Wired and Wireless
  • Lead Retrieval Orders
  • Rigging Orders

Simplified services and trade shows don’t usually go hand in hand, but with Gateway, all your trade show worries are thrown out the window. We’ll ensure you have a smooth, successful experience at your next trade show. If you’re interested in taking your trade show lead capturing to new heights or simply in keeping things stress free, contact Gateway today.

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