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Your main goal at a trade show is to generate leads and successfully market your business as one of the best in your industry. But how do you get that sense of wonder across to your prospects? You could apply your brand to your exhibit, but there’s a fine line between marketing your brand and pushing it on others.

Trade Shows and Creative Graphics

Your brand is your lifeblood, and you want to be sure it’s the first thing people will think of when they consider a service in your industry. When it comes to a trade show, marketing yourself is crucial to generating new leads. This could mean marketing materials and social media exposure, but it could also mean creating a booth that both shows off your creative energy and sets a professional tone.

How do you capture that feeling and put it into a high-quality image or setting? Gateway offers creative services that design the digital marketing and booth setting you’re looking for to draw in a wider crowd. Marketing collateral and marketing material design are handled in house by our team of expert graphic designers. We work with you to create professional designs that highlight your brand while steering clear of making it feel too stiff or corporate. You need a fresh, professional look that comfortably straddles the line between approachable and respectable, and Gateway can deliver just that.

Trade Show Experts

When you need a trade show expert that knows how to market and present your company professionally, contact Gateway.

Custom Exhibit Fabrication

Is your current exhibit design outdated? Are you stepping into the trade show industry and don’t know where to begin? Besides setting up materials or branding designs, we can help you design an exhibit that stands out from the crowd.

We’re an industry leader when it comes to designing trade show materials and exhibits, executing jaw-dropping booths and branded environments that breathe new life into your trade show visit. We work with you to create a custom fabrication that makes your trade show exhibit dreams a reality.

Our graphic design services provide you with a fresh, innovative take on your current branding to generate more leads and cast a wider net than ever before. Whether you want to tell a story or add cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality to your exhibit, Gateway has the resources to make it all possible.

Simplify Your Next Trade Show

Getting exhibits in order is difficult, and managing assets can be tough if you’ve never done it before. Gateway offers services and solutions for every angle of a trade show so you never have to worry about whether your materials will arrive on time. We offer trade show planning, exhibition services, rentals, specialized designs, and more. With Gateway, high-quality trade show assets are just a call away.


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Your brand deserves the spotlight, and Gateway’s creative design services can help you get it. Take your booth to new heights with Gateway.

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