Asset Management

Organization Is The Key To Success

A trade show is a complex event that spans multiple days and features the titans of your industry showing off their latest breakthroughs and services to draw in new clients. You’re also working on finding new prospects, so keeping track of the different elements that make up your booth can be a difficult task. Gateway has the perfect solution to simplify this process.

Trade Show Exhibit Management

Your trade show exhibit is made up of multiple moving parts that result in a finished product that pulls in a large crowd throughout the event. Although you may be worried about setting up the perfect trade show booth, there are many different aspects of event management to handle.

From financial services to staff training and portfolio managers, there are many different angles to think about when it comes to preparing your exhibit. Gateway offers you a way to keep your exhibition management services under a close watch and in smooth working order. Our asset management services maintain your booth in the long term by making sure nothing is lost or left out and all your materials and assets are where they need to be.

Trade Show Experts

When you need a trade show expert that knows how to market and present your company professionally, contact Gateway.

Excellent Exhibit Management Services

Gateway has the solution to keeping track of your many products and services. Our asset management is an online inventory management system that keeps track of every element of your trade show experience, from staffing to furniture and more. If you’re missing any crucial assets for your booth, the asset manager lets you order the necessary components so we can ship them to you right away.

We have the means to provide you with anything you need for your booth to flourish at your next trade show. You can take stock of all the different working parts of your booth and have full access to anything in your inventory. Pre-show preparation is simplified when you know exactly where everything you need is located and how quickly you can get it to the floor. Never lose track of anything again when you rely on Gateway.

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Trade Show Booth Staff Training

We also offer trained staff to assist at your booth or staff training for your team if you’d rather keep everything in-house. Exhibit staff should have a professional, accepting feel that draws in prospects with their warmth and confidence.

Gateway is your full-service trade show solution that ensures every trade show you attend is a success. Our high-quality services and solutions add value to any actions you take or the presentation you make. Call Gateway when you’re ready to take your trade show appearances to the next level.



Streamline Your Asset Management.

Gateway offers clients an online inventory management system to keep their trade show experience as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

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