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The Trade Show + Event ROI Calculator Frequently Asked Questions

Got your results? Great! Now you're wondering what these results mean? No worries, we are here to help! Below you will find a more in-depth term explanation on what each measure represents. Click on the selected explanation and the answer will appear. Remember that our basic forecasting model is used to help you measure industry benchmarks and standards to calculate expected visitor and lead numbers for upcoming shows and events.

This figure helps us to forecast the total number of visitors you can expect to your booth throughout the duration of the show.

This figure can usually be found on the show’s website or in exhibitor materials for the show or event.

This number helps to gauge how much “competition” your exhibit will face and to forecast the total booth visitors, engaged visitors, and qualified leads that you can expect to generate from the show or event. This number can usually be found on the show’s website, via an exhibitor list, or the floor plan.

This figure provided will show our suggested definition of a Qualified Lead includes only those attendees who have sufficient authority and interest to take one or more defined next steps in your sales cycle. Helpful resources for determining this percentage can usually be found by referring to the show’s attendee demographics (Industry/Market, Company Location & Size, Job Title, etc.) as well as the subjective evaluation of your own staff.

The figure you provide here should represent the percentage of attendees who enter your exhibit that will ultimately be engaged in a meaningful conversation with your staff or a meaningful interaction with your products, services, or presentations. There are many and various levels of Engagement, but in most instances this percentage should equate to the percentage of your booth visitors who you will capture information from- a badge scan, a business card, a survey or qualifying questions response, etc.

While there is not a single “Industry Standard” value that can be used as a benchmark, we found that the majority of company’s cost is between $150 and $500 per Qualified Lead. The value you provided in this field should be the full and total cost of capturing and qualifying a lead outside of the trade show or event environment. For many companies and industries, this figure should represent the full cost of several sales calls, one or more face-to-face meetings, or the prorated cost of other mechanisms used to qualify leads.

This figure represents your total investment in this trade show, excluding salary and payroll for booth staffers employed by your Company. Booth space fee, all show services, exhibit or graphic costs, freight and labor costs, promotional items, messaging and marketing campaigns, show sponsorship, and follow up efforts should all be included.

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