Let’s talk money! We know money and return on investment is important for any trade show. For this reason, we have created a forecasting tool to show how many dollars you can expect to earn for every dollar you’ve invested at your event. Still not convinced? Well, keep reading and see how we can help you get real results at your next trade show.

At Gateway, we are always looking for new ways to educate and show the real value of measuring your investment. Andrew Swyers, Gateway’s Director of Marketing, explains why this value is important. “We see it all over the industry. The value of face-to-face marketing is starting to decline because of all the digital enhancement, but the real value of face-to-face marketing is still relevant and necessary. However, trade shows and events are costly, so being able to justify that high cost to upper management is extremely important.”

ROI CalculatorBecause of the need to justify ROI, we have created a unique and user-friendly tool- the Trade Show + Event ROI Calculator. This will help our clients understand where and how their money is being spent and how it’s been spent. The BFC will be your new best friend and guide you to a successful, measurable trade show.

This simple calculator has an 8 data point system that covers everything from trade show attendance, lead cost and number of show days. This will help determine and justify the shows you may want to consider attending (or not attending).

“We not only focus on exhibit design, but we also help educate our clients by assisting them with tracking and measuring results,” says Swyers.

But wait…it gets better. It’s FREE. It also includes a detailed explanation on what each measure represents. It even lets you print and share your report instantly.

We are excited to share this free tool with you! We hope this tool will to help you justify the importance of measuring your investment.

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