Imagine the scene. You’re at a trade show, walking the floor to see what’s new. You come across two trade show booths side-by-side that are nearly identical, with one exception. One booth relies on brighter lights and high quality images, while the other has no lighting and low quality images. You want to ensure your trade show booth is the first one to be noticed, right? That’s the case for most event marketers. But it’s not just about making a booth design look pretty – it’s also about utilizing the right visual elements, shapes and spaces to create a powerful trade show exhibit. Let’s review important elements to consider for your booth design.

Importance of visual hierachyVisual hierarchy is very important to the eye. It helps establish a focal point, giving visitors an entry point to start navigating your design. There are three basic levels: First, Second and Third. The first is viewed from a far distance and should include a logo or company branding. Second will contain your marketing message and is intended to direct visitors to your space. Third is where all the engagement and call to action will take place. Each area in your exhibit should contain a special role in your visual hierarchy to feature important information.

Typography hierarchy. Think of typefaces as personality types to help enhance your design. Utilizing the right typography hierarchy will help organize your design and make it easy for visitors to navigate.  By adding size, color and boldness to the font, will help contribute the overall mood of your exhibit design. Remember to keep it simple and easy to read signage for your audience. 

Graphic Design is important

Graphic images help tell a story. It’s important to choose the right images for your exhibit to help support your company message. Many people are visual learners and require charts, graphics, or illustrations to make complex ideas easier to digest. Be sure to always utilize high-quality images that help visitors understand context without needing to read the fine print.

Innovating lighting. Adding light to your booth will help enhance your exhibit space and graphics. Back lighting is a simple and inexpensive way to help your exhibit pop. Colors and images appear brighter and text easier to read, giving a more focused attention to your branding message. Lighting will  also help establish the overall mood you are wanting. Cool-temperature lights give a clean, contemporary atmosphere – while warm-temperature lights set an inviting scene. Remember to consider the areas around your exhibit that may need additional lighting.

Architectural shapes. Adding different shape elements will add unique style to your booth. For a modern or tech look, utilize geometric sizes such as, squares, triangles and rectangles. For a more natural look, use organic shapes that represent a calmer, softer booth experience. It’s important to determine what shapes will help convey your company’s brand and message.

A trade show booth with striking graphics and elements will make a huge impact on any show floor and will leave a great impression on visitors. Let us help you determine how to best present your product and services with the right visual graphics at your next trade show.

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