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20×50 Modular Exhibit UBC

Design a booth that works as a free-moving space with a presentation area and meeting spaces. Our client wanted their booth to focus on brainstorming, offering places to openly chat and collaborate or sit for a more formal meeting. They wanted their space to be modern and cutting-edge while promoting exploration from attendees. The UBC team asked that we incorporate interactive technologies where possible.

We created a modular, open-concept exhibit that makes it easy to come in and explore. A single back wall featuring LED tiles stands behind a presentation area, making it the focal point of the booth. The open space features tables with built-in touch screens so that our client can host demos on the fly. We added two semi-private meeting areas to allow for more personalized conversations. The Gateway team fabricated an 8-foot wooden light bulb with a dual-sided interactive projector that can be used for demos, visuals, interactions and more.

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