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INTEGRIS Health History Room

INTEGRIS Health has prided itself on offering The Most Challenging Healing™ for generations of Oklahomans, especially at its flagship hospital, INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center. The state’s largest not-for-profit and Oklahoma-owned health care system had just implemented significant renovations on the Baptist campus to reflect its new brand direction. However, the Heritage Room at the hospital was an outlier. Originally intended to be a focal point for co-workers and patients to reflect on the hospital’s legacy of innovation, the room was dark, not reflective of the new brand and lacked a full history of the hospital after it became a part of the INTEGRIS Health system. Furthermore, the technology was out of date. The Baptist legacy needed an extreme makeover.


We responded with a comprehensive approach that reflected the organization’s history as an integral component of culture and brand. Health systems have been through massive changes in the last several years, and that makes the past more relevant than ever. Our approach was to view INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center history as something that could help instill a sense of identity and purpose, showcasing eternal values during the organization’s rapid transformation towards a new model of care.

The discovery process revealed key themes, messages and stories that needed to resonate in the room. We then developed a comprehensive Brand Experience Brief that recommended an open room concept, removing the doors that were a barrier to patient participation, and centering the experience on the “time capsule” in the center of the room. The centerpiece contained a complete interactive history of the hospital on three iPad stations, illuminated by a replica of the campus. We crafted a careful balance of Baptist history before INTEGRIS, and the role that the larger system played in magnifying Baptist’s legacy of innovation. Once the concepts and architectural designs were approved, we fabricated and installed the components of the room within three weeks.

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