Yesterday, May 14th, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) issued a news release detailing new guidelines to keeping workers safe during reopening while the coronavirus pandemic is still active.

These guidelines specify encouraging online ordering or ordering by phone, in the specific case of pharmacy orders, grocery orders, as well as restaurant orders. Additionally, OSHA is encouraging the use of self-serve checkout counters to minimize worker interaction with customers as well as disinfecting between customer visits.

Additionally, the biggest news in this release is the recommendation of installation of clear plastic barriers between workers and customers in any area where they might interact. This means that plexiglass barriers should be installed on any check out counters, self-check counters, service counters, bars, restaurant tables, lobby areas – to name a few.

Gateway has your back for these new recommendations. With trade shows being postponed, we’ve been preparing to help the community in our own special way. Our PowerPlex Plexiglass barriers meet this OSHA requirement, as well as our newly developed GoGuard movable barriers. These barriers are see through, which allows for easy commerce interactions while easing the concerns of your patrons and employees. Our PowerPlex barriers come in standard sizes and also can be fitted for custom applications. Even in our standard sizes, a transaction window can be cut custom if requested. Installation is easy, with just three steps to install for our standard sizes.

Our GoGuard movable barriers allow the protection of plexiglass – wherever you need it. These barriers are plexiglass panels on a wheeled frame, which allow you to move the panels wherever you need them, whenever you need them. This can be especially useful considering the ever-changing landscape of post-COVID business and interactions.

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