Need a new booth, but don’t have a big a budget? You can save a lot of money by updating your booth with the help of technology and accessories. This will give your booth a fresh new look at your next trade show exhibit. Here are a few tools that will help you market your booth on the floor.

Digital Signage 
Digital signage gives companies the capability to create an interactive experience at trade shows. Not only will your brand messaging come to life, but it allows customization to touchscreen displays, video capabilities and more. These capabilities provide an opportunity to seamlessly integrate data collection critical for sales follow-up.

Backlit Display Accessories 
LED lighting technology is a key component in many exhibits today. LED backlit signs help make your branding and logo outshine the competition. By utilizing the correct lighting, you can illuminate certain parts of the structure that will attract your audience from afar.

 Backlit accessories, such as center towers and lightbox counters, go great with a well-rounded trade show display.

Interactive Technology 
From Samsung® Gear VR and Oculus® to Google® Cardboard, virtual reality is a trend we’ve all seen becoming popular and more accessible across all industries. VR offers your audience a unique experience while engaging and truly showcasing your product. It’s a great way to start a conversation that could lead to your next sell. As the trade show industry evolves, it will continue to showcase technology that can enhance the attendee’s experience while creating an interactive environment.

Industrial Textures 
This year there has been a trend on industrial textures and elements that offer a more surreal look. The use of these new materials such as wood, rope, paper, faux concrete and more, bring brand personality to the trade show floor. But don’t forget to be consistent with brand and color.

Social Media
It’s hard to predict how social media trends will change over the next few years. But there is one thing to be certain, social media will be around for a while. Social media is the new way of communication between brands and consumers. Creating engaging campaigns during your trade show is a great way to share and engage attendees with your product or services. Whether using Instagram stories, hashtags or filters, customers are turning to social media to voice their opinions, experiences about your brand. Be sure you to stay updated with new trends as social media and your brand continue to grow.



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