Tech/Software Industry

Gateway is a trade show expert, continually finding new ways to innovate our services and provide you with trade show solutions.

Trade shows are a great way to make you the star of the show and stand out from the competition in your industry. Technology and software are no exception, with constant innovations meaning you need to grab your clients’ attention before the next big marketing venture gets them first. Gateway helps our customers make their next trade show unforgettable.

Technology Trade Show Booth

From computer software to VR stalls, Gateway specializes in the tech industry and the technology needed to make you shine. When you have a new idea or product to showcase, we’re the team to call. You need the type of marketing that draws the eye from across the room. You want them to remember you beyond a simple business card exchange. Potential clients will be browsing tens of stalls at your trade show, so you want to be the one that stands out the most.

Our marketing team helps you craft a message that draws in the crowd, while our design team enables you to craft a booth that keeps that crowd around to ask questions. If you want to show off a VR product or a product in VR, we can make it happen with the latest and greatest technology in the industry. We help you lead capture clients as soon as they give the affirmative using our lead retrieval software.

Gateway exhibit at a trade show with a vr experience 4

Trade Show Expertise

You deserve the limelight and Gateway makes it possible with our stress-free trade show services.

Software Trade Show Booth

Putting your software on display is one thing, but getting everything in place to set it up effectively is another. Our logistics services handle the shipping and coordination aspects of trade booth setup. We can also help you set up and prepare your booth for the big day. We have customizable booth options to make your exhibit everything you dreamed it would be. Our booth design team taps into your branding potential to craft an engaging, inviting space that people will want to approach.

Software companies are constantly innovating their products, so whether you have one product focus or a whole line of products to choose from, we can customize your marketing and your exhibit to reflect the scope of your services. Trade show floors are busy places and some exhibits can get lost in the bustle, but when you rely on the expert services at Gateway, you always come out ahead.

Lead Retrieval

Getting leads can be troubling, especially given the potentially chaotic atmosphere of a trade show. You’ve secured your position with a client, but a business card isn’t a reliable tracking metric for new clients. Gateway offers a solution that ensures your new clients are contacted right away. Our lead retrieval app tracks the leads generated at your exhibit, stores them in a database, and allows you to contact them right away with news, product information, or a friendly hello. This mobile app has a QR code function so you only need to scan the prospect’s badge to get their information in the system. Keep your prospects in your pocket and ensure constant connection using our lead retrieval system.

Gateway opens the door for new trade show possibilities. We make the process seamless and straightforward with our full range of services to back you up every step of the way. Your trade show experience shouldn’t be chaotic, but it also shouldn’t be a slow drag. Gateway enhances your exhibit and the solutions that prop it up so you can focus on bringing in as many potential prospects as possible. When you’re ready to take your tech to center stage, contact Gateway.

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