Healthcare Industry Trade Show Experts

Healthcare System Trade Show Expertise.

Trade shows help you stand out in your industry and find new clients that would ordinarily miss out on your services. The healthcare industry is vast and encompasses many different businesses, from health insurance to healthcare facilities and beyond. Your next trade show should not only capture attention, but be a streamlined process. This is where the services of Gateway come in.

Custom Display Booths for Healthcare

Your next trade show exhibit needs to stand out from the crowd, and Gateway has all the tools you need to succeed. We understand the healthcare industry’s needs and can help make your next trade show experience as seamless as possible. You need marketing efforts that draw people from across the room. You want clients to remember you beyond a first impression. Everyone is going between tens of different booths, so you need the impact to stand out in their minds.

Our marketing team helps you create a branding theme and booth design that will draw the crowds while our design team sets up the booth to your specifications. Pharma is an integral part of the healthcare industry and has its own needs and designs. Whether you need a modular exhibit or a custom trade show booth, we have the assets you’re looking for.

Pharmaceutical Industry Trade Shows

When you want a trade show partner that understands your industry as well as you do, contact Gateway today.

Lead Retrieval

Getting leads can be difficult, especially given the potentially chaotic atmosphere of a trade show. You’ve secured your position with a client, but a business card isn’t a reliable metric for new clients. Gateway offers a solution that ensures your new clients are contacted as soon as they leave your trade show display.

Our lead retrieval app tracks the leads generated at your exhibit, stores them in a database, and allows you to contact them with news, product information, or even just a friendly hello. This mobile app has a QR code function so you only need to scan the prospect’s badge to get their data in the system. Keep your prospects in your pocket and ensure qualified leads are contacted immediately using our lead retrieval system.

Gateway opens the door for new trade show possibilities. We make the process seamless and straightforward with our full range of services to back you up every step. We help you understand and think like event organizers do to make your show easier to manage. Capture leads and stand out in the convention center when you rely on Gateway. Our services enhance your exhibit and provide solutions that prop it up to focus on bringing in as many potential prospects as possible. When you’re ready to take your tech to center stage, contact Gateway.

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