Remember opening a box of crayons as a child and not knowing which colors to choose when creating your masterpieces? With endless colors and tones, picking colors has never been easy. The same concept goes for selecting the right colors for a trade show booth. Picking the right colors will help convey your brand’s story to your audience. Consider the following steps when selecting color choices for your trade show:

Blow them away

First impressions are important. It’s also important to understand you are constantly competing with other products and technology. Exhibitors have about 4-6 seconds to grab a passing attendee’s attention, making it a challenge. When designing a trade show booth, remember to think bright and eye-catching, but don’t forget about your brand consistency.

Consider utilizing accent, complimentary colors or even graphics, but staying in harmony with your brand’s message. Since color can also play the role of expressing an emotion, brands relate colors with emotions that help connect with people and build company trust. The emotional connection is what brands strive for and why the color is crucial to any brand.

It’s all in the trust

Don’t think that colors are the only element to consider when designing your trade show exhibit. Make sure you communicate your brand to your attendees. You must be consistent with your brand in order for people to trust and learn more about it. Trust is an important part of brand identity. We don’t want to buy a product in which brand doesn’t play an important part. To develop this trust you should ask who you are, what do you do and why does it matter. Remember that a brand is a process, not an entity and you should continue to educate and cultivate your audience.

Color outside the lines

Use some colors to show who you are! When utilizing color, begin with your corporate colors and consider how different color schemes can be used throughout your exhibit. Flooring color, counters, and even booth furniture can help add some contrast colors to the overall appearance of your booth. If you are interested in learning more about color theory, explore our color infographic. Work with your designer to explore different color groups that will maximize the appeal of your display. Remember that it’s not just about the color, but knowing how to utilize the color to effectively communicate your brand’s message.


  1. In order to compete with other brands, you must stand out and be memorable.
  2. A brand not only should bring trust, but it should also be innovative and capturing.
  3. Keep your color scheme consistent and always be true to your brand.


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