On June 4-5, exhibition industry leaders will meet with federal legislators to advocate for the exhibition industry. Face-to-face marketing is critical for companies both small and large that want to grow their brand. The goal of this day is to address crucial policies for the exhibition industry, including: travel policies, online booking scams prevention, investing in America’s infrastructure, protecting brand USA, and the Job Originated through Launching Travel Act of 2019.

A blog released by the official Exhibition Day website succinctly explains the impact of the exhibition industry: “Trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, and other face-to-face gatherings are major commerce channels for the United States. In fact, events contributed $97 billion to the U.S. GDP in 2018.” This industry affects the economy directly in a major way, but it also adds immense value indirectly with the connections made and the business produced. The exhibition industry has been responsible for improving business efficiencies through countless innovative partnerships. Some of the most well-known and loved brands of our time may not have grown without experiential marketing.

The exhibitions industry is an often unsung hero for growing business, as thousands of people gather in the hopes of creating relationships. Trade shows are a buzz of opportunity, with companies from all over the world meeting and to further their business. From small introductory conversations to multi-million dollar deals, companies and their leaders bump shoulders to spread their organization’s me. This industry can often be overlooked, but is the source of billions of dollars worth of business, so remember to celebrate #ExhibitionsDay2019 with us this June!

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