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 Fixed-Rate & Cost-Effective Storage Programs.

Our climate controlled and centrally located warehouses in St. Louis, MO - with over 50,000 square feet of storage and staging room - allow us to carefully and comfortably inventory, assemble, and inspect all our clients' trade show displays and exhibiting materials. The cost-effectiveness of our fixed-rate Compass Partnership Storage & Handling pricing gives you managed costs and ensures you won't be surprised by additional invoices every time your assets are moved.

Manage Your Inventory Online & On the Go.

Gateway's online asset management tools and 21st century inventory systems allow for total transparency and complete control of all our partners' products - from the structural elements for your largest booth and the graphics for your portable displays, down to your printed literature, and promotional giveaways - meaning the parts and pieces of your trade show and exhibiting program won't come up missing just when they're needed the most.