Cayman International Insurance is a leading domicile for offshore insurance and a regular exhibitor at the Risk Management Society (RIMS) show. Gateway provided Cayman with a portable inline booth at RIMS 2018, which ran from April 15-18, 2018 in San Antonio Texas. RIMS is a dedicated organization that helps connect with more than 10,000 risk professionals in more than 60 countries.


As an insurance domicile, Cayman International Insurance has difficulty demonstrating their services, since they don’t sell a tangible product. They knew they wanted an activity that could capture data and would bring them a measurable return on their investment. They wanted to find a method that would attract foot traffic but avoid expensive giveaways and the typical sales approach. Cayman also wanted the logistics out of their staff’s hands in order for them to focus on lead opportunities.


Gateway provided Cayman with a virtual reality experience, which featured a VR – “walk the plank” game for the domicile. As an added service, a VR specialist was present before and during the show to ensure the VR experience would go smoothly. This allowed the staff to educate attendees on Cayman services while creating an engaging experience for all visitors.


Gateway not only created a fun environment but also helped capture data of visitors during the three-day event. This resulted in a measurable KPI for future events and trade shows. They also had the opportunity for social media engagement from photos/video of VR action. Not to mention, positive feedback about how all visitors enjoyed the experience.

Cayman had an effective in-booth experience of attacking foot traffic to help position themselves to ask for a follow up after the show. And, with Gateway managing the logistics, the Cayman staff was able to network with clients and create new business opportunities.


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