Is your team headed to a small conference? Or are you looking to create an exhibit on a slim budget? Portables are a great option for creating an attractive, custom space on a slim budget. Below you will find five of our team’s favorites. For more information or to place an order, contact us!

Premium SS Banner
Retractable banner stands are an ideal solution for smaller budgets, tight spaces and ease-of-use. We love the Premium SS because it’s perfect for travel! The 9.5lb stand comes with a waterproof carrying case, which makes it cost-effective to ship or easy to take on a plane to your next show.

The graphic for this stand can easily be replaced by simply sliding it onto the fixture. This feature makes it a practical option for companies with a variety of marketing initiatives, companies with several branches or even a company that likes just likes to refresh their look frequently. The telescopic pole allows you to adjust the graphic height from 35-90” high and comes in three widths. As a special perk from our sales team, enjoy a $25 discount on this style when you order by December 31, 2019!

Pop-Up Display
Do you remember the expandable plastic fidget ball from the 90s that can grow and shrink with ease? We took the same concept and applied it to a backwall display! The aluminum structure opens up and clicks into place with almost no effort. That structure is completely wrapped with silicone-edge graphics for a clean look. You can also clip portable LED curtains onto the structure to create an eye-catching backlit display.

This is a structure we have sent to show with a single employee for set-up, making it a great option if you’d like to avoid major install and dismantle! This pop-up display can range from 2.5’ to 9’ wide almost 10’ high.

Pop-Up Counters
This lightweight, click-together counter structure is an elegant solution. It unfolds and is wrapped in a printed silicone-edge graphic (SEG) for a sleek look. The team at Gateway utilizes this counter frequently at shows; it’s also a customer favorite! We offer the option to add a curtain of LED lights upon request to grab attendee’s attention.

The aluminum frame weighs just over 20lbs and comes with a carrying case. An interior shelf is perfect for storage and the structure is topped with the surface of your choice. Custom graphics give this counter have the exact aesthetic you’re going for. If you’re in need of graphic design services, we do offer that as well!

Case Counters
This is probably the style of portable counter you’ll see the most on the trade show floor. This item doubles as a counter and as a storage container (with wheels). Often times, our clients use these to transport promotional items, samples, collateral and other exhibit-related items. It’s a convenient way to ensure that all of your items arrive in one container.

The hard-shell case opens up and contains a fitted fabric skirt that slides over the plastic body once closed. It is then topped with a durable wooden countertop, which disguises it as a very practical reception counter! Most containers in this style cannot be opened once assembled.

Linked Banners
Our linked banner stands offer the simplicity of a retractable with the clean look of a seamless backwall. These stands are lightweight, compact and incredibly easy to set up. Our experts suggest this product for trade show managers that would like to make a large visual impact without the hassle of a full exhibit system.

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