You’ve been planning for your upcoming show and are ready to take your trade show booth on the road. But wait, how does your booth staff training look? With so much on your mind, it’s easy to forget about booth staff training. In this post, we will cover four tips to get better results at your next event:

Measurement matters

We all know that trade show events will have costs attached to them such as show attendance, budget, number of exhibitors and more. Making an informed, data-driven choice will help you improve measurable results and provide you with the most reliable data possible. For this reason, we have created a unique and user-friendly tool – the Trade Show + Event ROI Calculator. This free tool will be your guide to a successful, measurable trade show.

Define goals & objectives

Before you begin recruiting your booth staff, take time to think about your trade show goals and objectives for the event. Ask yourself the following:

  • Why are we here?
  • What are we presenting?
  • Whom do we want to see? And why?
  • What will we show and tell guests to persuade them to act?

Be clear about goals and expectations so that your staff understands what it is your company is looking to accomplish by attending the show.

Training & communication

Booth staff members need to understand the product and services that will be offered at the event. By communicating product knowledge, staff members will communicate effectively while building brand trust on the show floor. Your booth staff should be able to answer questions and engage with clients to reach the objective. Marketing should also communicate any social media campaign prior to the event to drive booth engagement.

Post-show meeting

This is probably just as important as deciding if you want to attend the show or not! It’s always beneficial to follow up with all the staff members after the show. During the post-meeting, staff members should voice new opportunities and challenges they might have faced during the show. This will allow team members to communicate about what is going right for them and in what areas they may need to improve.

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